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A hearing evaluation is required to measure your hearing capacity. Next to this evaluation, your professional will be able to explain the result but also refer you to the right specialist, in case of deafness.

At Milot & Tremblay audioprosthesists, we own the most modern equipment such as soundproof booth, audiometers, impedance meters…


Screening: a short test detecting deafness.

Complete hearing evaluation: an overall picture of your hearing.

Impedance measurement: we check the entire functioning of the middle ear, namely eardrum and ossicular chain.

Tone audiometry: both air and bone conduction, we determine your hearing thresholds, the lowest sounds you can hear.

Vocal audiometry: you have to repeat lists of words to different levels. Thus, we can evaluate the remaining quality of your inner ear and auditory nerve.

In addition to our services provided by Milot & Tremblay, audioprosthesists, private services from an independent audioprosthesist are available in all of our clinics.

The audioprosthetist is a hearing professional member of the College of Speech – language pathologists and audiologists of Quebec.


Batteries are essential for hearing aids to function. Five (5) battery sizes are available. From the smallest to the biggest: 5, 10, 312, 13 and 675. These batteries are disposable and last between 3 days to 1 month, according to use.

Some manufacturers have been offering rechargeable batteries for a few years. It does not mean disposable batteries are going to disappear, but these chargers can sometimes come in handy. Put prostheses onto their charger before sleeping, they will be ready when you wake up.


Maintaining your device is truly important. You will benefit from optimal acoustic performance, avoid damages and repairs.

The most used maintenance accessory is the cleaner, generally distributed as a spray. Not only you will maintain your prosthesis clean, but you will also avoid ear infections.

Once again,
your audioprosthesist will show you how to clean your devices and help you to choose the ones you need.

Here is a list of maintenance accessories :

Brush with a peak
Cleaning tablets for nozzle
Wax filter
Insertion gel
And many more…

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