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In addition to investing in cutting edge technologies in the area of hearing aids, our approach emphasizes human values such as attention, respect and confidentiality. At Milot & Tremblay, we do things differently because we believe our customers are special.

Rest assured that each of your visits in our facilities in Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal or Longueuil will be an enjoyable experience. A welcoming environment, polite staff, and professionalism are the corner stones of Milot & Tremblay Clinics.

Practicing since 1996, audioprosthesists Christian Milot and Marjorie Tremblay have developed a special relationship of trust with their clients throughout the years. Their high level of professionalism and the cutting edge technology they employ enable them to find solutions suiting your specific needs. They work closely with different professionals specializing in auditory health care.

Upon your first call, they will be happy to assist and provide guidance towards improving your hearing. At Milot & Tremblay clinic, you will not experience endless waiting periods, as you are our priority and your complete and total satisfaction is important to us.